回到2010,服装配件店GAP tried to change their logo.It didn't go well.

While the original Gap logo showed the word ‘GAP' in all caps inside a dark blue square,新的标志是一个白色的正方形,它包围了一个蓝色的小正方形,而蓝色的小正方形又位于字母“P”的间隙。

忠诚的GAP购物者没有。In fact,the logo change went over so poorly that the company had to revert to the old logo just days after launching the new (and very expensive) one.

一个超过2人的Facebook群组,形成了000条评论来抗议这一提议的变化;aTwitter account甚至有超过5个,000 followers,there was also a (now defunct) parody site called ‘Make your own Gap logo' that had almost 14,新标志的000个模仿版本。

The Power of a Logo

The protests and eventual backtracking of the new logo launch by GAP illustrate the power of a logo.

有更多的是一个标志,而不仅仅是聪明的设计-你的公司标志是一个强大的标识符。只有一件事能让你忠实的客户铭记在心,and they quickly associate that logo with trust and reliability.

如果你改变它,you shake their trust,and they become unsettled.至少在间隙的情况下。

雅虎另一方面,actually had some success changing their logo.

Yahoo's Logo Rebrand Success

虽然Gap在2010年尝试并没有改变他们的标志,Yahoo did almost thesame thing in 2013,,but with incredibly positive results.

Yahoo's rebranding was so successful that it led to a month-long marketing campaign that rallied customers around the brand.C.E.O.不得不这样说,标志重新命名运动:亚博体育下载

“我们知道我们想要一个能反映雅虎异想天开的标志,但很复杂。现代而清新,with a nod to our history.有人情味,personal.Proud."“雅虎首席执行官Marissa Mayer


你可能在想,“If this logo issue is so volatile,should I really bother to get one for my company or blog?“The answer is a resounding YES!You should absolutely get a logo–and not just any logo,但正确的标志。

一个优秀的标志可以帮助人们识别和识别你的品牌。考虑下面的标志。You likely recognize these brands based solely on a simple white version of their logo.


The main reasons why you need a strong brand logo are:

  1. Creates a strong first impression
  2. 作为整体品牌的基石
  3. Instills a sense of trust in your brand
  4. 帮助用户通过接触点(网站,打印,电子邮件,等)

还是不相信?Consider the following ways a logo can help your business succeed.

Make a Strong First Impression

How often do you do business with a company that has a shady looking website or even no website at all??

Chances are not very often,如果有的话。

You are not alone.

People tend to do business with brands they recognize,或者至少,a business that looks professional.没有精心设计和深思熟虑的标志,the first impression people will make of your brand is ‘amateur,因此不太值得信赖。

A Logo is A Basis For a Strong Brand

While it might only be a small part of the overall branding campaign,a company's logo can be used to determine the brand's colors,fonts,语气和整体品牌感觉就像雅虎的CEO说的。

That is why your logo needs to be designed with forward thinking and long-term branding in mind.


It goes something like this: a high-quality brand image plus a beautiful brand identity = a trustworthy business.

If any part of that equation is missing,then you will have a difficult time attracting and retaining customers.

Create Brand Consistency

While you will populate your website with different types of interesting content,以及图像,the one thing that will allow you to build brand consistency is your logo and brand colors.

No matter what you share online,be it images,视频或文字,叠加你的标志将总是告诉人们内容代表哪个品牌。

Customers Expect Them

We live in a world where huge brand names can be identified simply by their logo.想想苹果,IBM,and Nike.这已成为客户判断大行业参与者的标准。

If you want to be taken seriously,then you should strive to meet customer expectation.这通常从一个可展示的专业标志开始。

The fact that you need a good logo behind which to create a powerful brand is not in contention.Need proof?Astudy from MITfound that a great brand logo can actually have a positive effect on customer commitment,which in turn ensures loyalty and repeat business.为了证明这一点,all you would have to do is look at the GAP logo rebranding fiasco that we highlighted earlier.

现在你知道你需要一个标志,but what are your options?你期望付多少钱?Can you get a logo for free??


How to Get a Logo for Your Business or Blog

There are several ways to get a logo. The method you choose will depend on the level of professionalism you want,以及您可以使用的资源。

你应该,然而,考虑在商标制作过程中投入大量的时间和资源,因为,as we mentioned above,它是吸引潜在客户和客户的强大品牌工具。


  • 使用成熟的图形设计工具(如Adobe Illustrator)进行DIY
  • 使用更简单的工具创建自己的徽标,such as Canvaa
  • Hire an expensive professional designer
  • Hire a more affordable designer through a marketplace

There are pros and cons to each option,我们在下表中概述了这一点。

成本?? Skill Level Required Level of Control Time Investment
使用一个简单的程序(如canvaa) $ 培养基 培养基 培养基
聘请专业设计师 $$ 培养基
Use a Design Marketplace $$ 培养基
Logo Generator Tool $ 培养基 培养基

Make sure you choose a method that makes sense for your brand,你的技能设置,and your desire to control the final product.And keep in mind,the pros and cons of each option are a generalization.

If you have a bit of design prowess,你可以设计自己的专业标志。下面是一些关于如何开始创建自己的徽标的提示。

  1. 从你所在行业的其他品牌中寻找灵感(但不要抄袭!)
  2. Consider using your business name as a backdrop
  3. Choose the type of logo: text only,文本和符号,or symbol only
  4. 想一想如何用亚博体育下载视觉来描绘你的核心信息
  5. Choose a tool or platform from the list below
  6. 开始创造!!
  7. Ask for feedback,and make adjustments

在此过程中,keep in mind that your logo should be used to illustrate the key benefits of your brand.你创建的标志应该立即告诉人们在与你打交道时他们可以期待的职业精神。

How Much Does A Logo Cost??

在理想的情况下,你应该努力为你的业务制作一个专业的标志,the truth is that sometimes new companies can't invest a ton of capital.看看新西兰教育委员会可以花点钱换个名字,URL,标志(220美元,000!)

授予,that involves a whole lot of overhauling,but it gives you a clear picture of the kind of resources creating a logo can require.

对于小企业来说,专业标志设计的起价一般在200美元左右,然后从那里开始上涨。然而,如果你不愿意花那么多钱,也不愿意花时间找专业设计师,then you could easily get your own logo designed using online logo makers.最好的消息是,有些甚至是免费的!!


今天在线上有各种各样的logo生成器工具。一些比其他更有效;others are free while others charge a small fee for downloads,编辑等等。

If you look at these options,你会发现这要容易得多,更方便和负担得起使用标志制造商,which might very well give you the best kind of results as opposed to spending weeks back and forth with a professional designer.

1。Designhill – Logo Maker

此工具为您提供1个以上,免费提供000个标志设计。你可以定制颜色,字体和文本。You do,然而,have to purchase the free logo maker files if you are looking for unlimited access to their collection.

design hill cheap logo maker
Screenshot via Blogging.com


This is a tool that makes it seem like you are working with a real designer only without the back and forth.It has an intelligent learning AI that guides you through the process until you find the perfect design.它是免费使用的,but it will cost you 亚博体育下载about $20 to download a completed logo.

Screenshot via Blogging.com


This tool allows you to design logos that can be downloaded in PNG,JPG,SVG,和PDF。A general logo costs 亚博体育下载about $20,而一个专业的商标大约要花你150美元。亚博体育下载

Screenshot via Blogging.com


This tool will make you look like a professional designer even if you have no experience in the field.With more than 3,从中选择000个符号,您可以使用此工具进行多种选择。

5。Adobe Spark's Free Logo Creator

Adobe的工具套件确实需要付费帐户,但他们的商标制造商是完全免费的。该工具包括一个“灵感画廊”of professionally designed logos you can use as a template to design your own logo.

Screenshot via Blogging.com

7。Free Logo Design Engine

This engine says that it has over 100,000 satisfied users and that it offers you over 1,000个图形和标识类型。It has a free trial option that you can use to professionally design your business logo.

8。Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers a full package of branding and design files for a monthly subscription fee.For growing brands with a wide range of design needs,this is a great option.

Screenshot via Blogging.com

他们更便宜的套餐每月仅需2.99美元(每年收费),并带有高分辨率标志,透明PNG,以及登陆页面,brand analytics,seasonal logos,以及品牌发展。高端软件包提供了编辑和调整大小的功能,create social cover photos,还有更多。

Hire a Designer Through a Marketplace

但是如果设计你自己的选择对你来说不是正确的选择呢?幸运的是,仍然有一些经济实惠的选择。The marketplaces listed below allow you to hire designers for much less.Keep in mind,this is usually because they offer template-based designs.因为价格,你对最终产品的发言权可能会减少。




成本因设计师而异,but prices start around $50 and go up from there.许多自由职业者都是从一个低的固定费用开始的,然后你可以为不同的文件大小支付额外的费用,transparent background options,诸如此类。This often works well for bootstrapping businesses as you only pay for what you need.




99 designs for logos
Screenshot via Blogging.com

Final Thoughts on Creating a Logo for Your Brand


The best logo maker will give you a sharp,professionally done logo that you can instantly download,albeit for a fee.They are also very easy to use and give you a guided method through which you can come up with the best kind of logo.

Danielle is a Chicago-based editor and writer who specializes in digital marketing.她整天挥动着一支红笔,晚上梦见一个人人都用牛津逗号的世界。