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If you're looking for budget-friendly blog hosting,你可能偶然发现了

This company has a lot to offer,尤其是对于那些正在为他们的博客寻求入门级主机,并希望一些便宜的营销帮助的人。

There are other hosts that offer "one-stop shopping" — 亚博体育domain names,群众或部队的集合,websites,与市场营销相结合。所以,One.com适合你吗?

Read on to find out.


ONE.com其网络托管服务面向个人和小型企业。Launched in 2002,the company now hosts websites for over 1.5 million customers in approximately 150 countries.

一个COM主页's Hosting Plans

You can select either basic "shared hosting" packages or 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress-optimized hosting

虚拟主机's basic hosting plans are ideal for bloggers and small businesses.Despite their low prices,these plans can handle highly complex websites.

One.com提供两种不同的托管计划,您可以从中进行选择。They differ in performance (which can impact speed),number of databases,和存储。

Starter Plan

入门级Starteroption comes with 512 MB RAM,1 CPU core,and 25 GB of solid-state (SSD) storage.(SSDs are superior to hard disk drives because they are faster and more reliable.)

You can support a single website,and you have access to one database for your files.

Professional Plus Plan

If that's not enough,这个专业增强版选项可用。It comes with 200 GB of solid-state (SSD) storage,2 GB RAM,and 4 CPU cores.

您可以支持多个网站,您可以访问无限数量的数据库来存放您的文件。You'll also getSSH接入to your website,以及备份andrestorationfeatures.

What Both Plans Include

以下功能与Starter和Professional Plus计划一起提供。


两个计划(Starter和Professional Plus)都包括unlimited bandwidth.这意味着,当你发布一篇很受欢迎的文章时,你将时刻准备好访问高峰。


我们的读者对这些功能很感兴趣。PHP编程语言-WordPress的主干,亚博yabo88app 下载Drupal,乔姆拉and many other popular content management systems.

Every so often a new version of PHP comes out and will update its servers to use the new version.This is good because the most recent version will have the optimal support for speed and security of your website.

Geeks will also want to know that you getFTP/SFTPaccess so you can transfer files to your site securely.

SSL Certificate

You will also get anSSL证书,which proves your site's legitimacy and secures communication between you and your visitors.ssl代表“安全套接字层”,指的是加密数据的技术和协议。

This security technology is now considered a best practice for全部的websites — even those that don't accept credit cards.

Video: What is SSL?Find out with this explainer video from DigiCert.

电子邮件:无限制帐户,反垃圾邮件过滤器,更多 also gives youunlimited email accounts所以你可以发送专业的商业电子邮件(基于你的域名)给你的订户。亚博体育

电子邮件使人们保持参与状态,并确保在您发布邮件时通知所有人。除了电子邮件帐户,你得到一个地址簿来保存你收集的电子邮件,a calendar for business scheduling,病毒和反垃圾邮件过滤器,and mobile sync.

如果您选择在其他地方托管,也可以每月从one.com单独购买电子邮件包。Their easy-to-use app lets you access your email from any device or browser.

Google Ads Voucher

An additional bonus included in their plans is aGoogle Ads voucher.(谷歌广告词现在称为谷歌广告。)


what are google ads
What are Google ads?They're ads that appear on Google in response to a search term.在这个例子中,我们搜索“溜冰鞋”。谷歌在许多搜索页面的顶部显示广告,有时在底部也显示广告。谷歌广告(大写“A”)是一种服务,使您能够创建和运行自己的广告在谷歌。


亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress优化计划

ONE.comfocuses on keeping things simple and user-friendly.这就是他们提供特别服务的原因亚博yabo88app 下载 plans.

你可以在几分钟内启动并运亚博yabo88app 下载行WordPress,这样你就可以立即开始发布了。This is done via what's called "one-click installs." As the term suggests,你点击一个按钮,and you've got a 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress site.

Choose From 3 Plans

One.com提供三种不同的WordPress计划,您可以从中亚博yabo88app 下载进行选择。“性能”是指速度和存储。

  • 加:提供适合个人网站的性能级别
  • Business:Provides increased performance and SiteLock malware scanner
  • 溢价:包括“业务”中的所有内容以及“搜索引擎优化程序”

很多刚开始的人会很好的Plus计划,但是那些正在成长或正在运行已建立的博客的人可能会考虑购买Businessor保险费plans.简而言之,the more resource-intensive your blog,你的博客需要的越多。


Regarding the Premium plan,您可能想知道.com的“搜索引擎优化器”是什么。它实际上是一个名为marketgoo的服务,无论你是在WordPress上还是在其他CMS上,都可以轻松使用。亚博yabo88app 下载

You can sign up for the "search engine optimizer" from your control panel.费用不高。

Video: This promo from MarketGoo provides a short overview of how this SEO tool works.

Performance Details

Now here's a look at the technical details pertaining to performance (disk space,处理,以及RAM或“随机存取存储器”。)注:所有WordPress计划都附带亚博yabo88app 下载unlimited bandwidth为了让你的网站运行顺畅和Caching,这可以提高用户的性能和页面加载速度。

Plus 业务与保险费
200 GB SSD存储 500 GB SSD Storage

More 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress Hosting Features

他们还提供备份你可以restoreto at any time should something happen to your website.更高级别的WordPres亚博yabo88app 下载s计划包括现场查找,a malware scanner to keep your site safe from attacks.

为了安全起见,all 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress plans come withSSL certificates对访问者发送到您网站的所有数据进行加密。您的访客可以输入信息,比如电子邮件,密码,or credit cards,知道它会保持安全。

Other features included in the 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress plans include a模拟环境,这使您能够克隆您的站点,以便测试对其所做的更改。Once you settle on the changes you want,您可以单击一个按钮,更改将生效。

Is This "Managed" 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress Hosting?

一个网站的WordP亚博yabo88app 下载ress计划是managed plans.Managed plans are those where the web hosting provider takes on an additional number of the site administration tasks you would otherwise be responsible for.管理的WordP亚博yabo88app 下载ress主机平台也倾向于进行调整以获得更高的性能。

If you are interested in a managed 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress plan,consider飞轮,谢斯塔,orWP Engine.请注意,托管托管计划往往比非托管托管计划昂贵得多。

More Features

Here are some features that are available on both shared and the 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress-specific hosting.

Control Panel bundles cPanel (a popular brand of control panel) with its hosting packages.这是行业标准产品。

With cPanel,you can do things like track your website's resource usage,管理您的电子邮件帐户,view your hosting bills,and so on.


one-com control panel
这是我们的视图ONE.com账户界面。简单易用。These are just a few of the options you'll find there.

Website Builder

对于那些想尝试其他方法来设计你的网站而不是WordPress的人,亚博yabo88app 下载you can use's included site builder with any shared hosting plan.The free plan lets you design websites with up to 5 pages.

This builder lets you create a website without coding.相反,您可以使用拖放工具,这样您就可以轻松地按照自己的需要进行设计。The site builder also comes with over 75 pre-built templates to choose from.

Video: Get an overview ofONE.com的网站生成器。

所有网站都是通过ONE.comare fully responsive so they perform well on any device.


  • Social media sharing features
  • 接触形式
  • 图片编辑
  • 现场统计
  • One Photo,an app that lets you back up your photos and videos easily and securely.

If you aren't purchasing a hosting plan with the company,你仍然可以用他们的建设者为一个小每月的价格。

As a blogger,你可能想查看你的网站统计数据,这样你就知道你的访问者来自哪里以及他们在你的网站上花了多长时间。You can view these in graphic form or in a table for optimal comprehension.这可以帮助您确定从何处获得最多访问者,以及获得最多视图的帖子类型。

亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress vs.Website Builder

You can build your website using both 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress and's website builder.However,which one is better?

一如既往,the answer depends on your needs.

使用亚博yabo88app 下载文字出版社如果你:

  • 想要管理一个博客的所有风声
  • Want the ability to customize as much as you want — the 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress ecosystem offers an extremely large number of themes (to change the look of your site) and plugins (to change the functionality on your site)
  • 使用更复杂的产品很舒服-WordPress使用起来相当简单,亚博yabo88app 下载but there is a lot going on with this content management system (CMS),so you have to be prepared for some trial-and-error

使用一个comWebsite Builder如果你:

  • 希望使用拖放编辑器设计网站
  • 想用比较简单的东西
  • Do not see yourself creating a complex blog — you just want to write posts and offer your readers the ability to comment


ONE.comoffers plans to enable you to set up an e-commerce store.You have two options if you want to go this route.首先是使用他们的网站构建器。This plan includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 为移动优化的网站
  • 备份和恢复
  • 电子邮件帐户
  • 谷歌广告词代金券。

你的另一个选择是用WordPress建立你的网站。亚博yabo88app 下载In addition to the inclusions you get with the website builder,the 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress web shop plan g亚博体育ives you more domains,more storage,SSH and FTP access,无限的产品,以及一个SSL证书。

将在线商店集成到当前博客中的逐步说明和工具,or building a store outright,包含在您的One.com计划中。


Local SEO

本地SEO是一套对实体企业至关重要的实践。If you're a blogger who is using blogging as a content marketing strategy for a brick and mortar business,知道这一点很重要,确保您的业务在导航和地图服务(如TomTom和Apple地图)中列出,as well as business directories.

You'll need to ensure that your "NAP" (name,address,电话号码)在所有位置都是一致的,without error.


视频:商业清单-做得对-是至关重要的砖和迫击炮成功。Find out more 亚博体育下载‘s "Uberall" service,可从您的One.com仪表板获取。


Features for Developers gives you access to FTP and even provides you with a file manager so you don't need any additional programs to transfer files.


对于想要编写自己网站代码的高级用户,one.com提供了使用php 7的mariadb(mysql)数据库。这允许编码人员创建高级动态网站。动态网站包括吸引和吸引访问者的功能。



Uptime and Downtime

正常运行时间,or the amount of time your blog is available over a given period,至关重要(毕竟,you are paying to ensure that your site is accessible to your readers at all times).


Like many other budget web hosting providers, does not offer a service level agreement where they promise to maintain a certain uptime (and if not,你将得到经济补偿)。

Responsive Customer Support prides themselves on their customer support that has little or no waiting time.全天候在线聊天支持,有人随时准备回答你的问题。

This means you don't have to keep worrying 亚博体育下载about your problem,等待业务时间与支持部门联系。如果您需要帮助,可以在浏览计划时使用他们的聊天功能来挑选适合您的计划。

Check out hosting »

你也可以通过电子邮件联系他们,他们会在24小时内回复。Support is provided in multiple languages since has customers across the doesn't use phone support.

They find that instant chat is more efficient,and keeps it accessible to all of their customers who have an internet connection.

对于Wo亚博yabo88app 下载rdPress用户:One.com提供WordPress特定计划,但该公司并没有宣称他们的支持团队拥有WordPress特有的专业知识。亚博yabo88app 下载其他主机可以,所以如果这是一个问题,consider looking elsewhere.


There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best web hosting provider for you,but here is a general guidance table for your reference:

博客类型 a Good Option?
Beginner Yes.这些套餐包罗万象,预算优惠。
已建立/成功 No.考虑一个提供更高性能和更容易扩展的主机(当您有流量高峰时)。
Business 这取决于业务。如果你刚开始, can meet your needs.Otherwise,seek premium hosting.


Here are some common Q&As on还有问题吗?Leave it in the comments below and we'll research it for you.



godady和bluehost都提供域名,亚博体育in addition to marketing,SEO,and site builder tools.Of these two,GoDaddy has the most comprehensive offering of non-hosting tools.但你可能不需要所有这些。

Does offer VPS,献身的,or cloud hosting?

目前,One.com不提供云服务,VPS,或专用托管服务。This type of hosting is essential once your blog is sufficiently large or heavily trafficked — nevertheless,如果这是你要找的,你需要去别的地方。 logo

试一试–14天退款保证·· Conclusion

ONE.com是任何寻求预算托管计划的小型企业和个人的一个选项。Businesses that require higher security and performance may want to look elsewhere.But, is perfect for bloggers.

With the added 15-day money-back guarantee,你可以免费试用两周。With so much to offer bloggers and easy set-ups to get you started,you can have a beautiful blog up and running the same day without any advanced technical knowledge.


凯蒂是一个c# developer-turned-technical作家。She's also an avid reader,游泳者,《纽约时报纵横字谜》的作者,and sweater knitter.她和javascript有着爱/恨的关系,认为包管理器是自切片面包以来最好的东西。