社会先导bills itself as a social media marketing and scheduling tool for agencies and social media professionals.It provides a single interface for running up to 200 social media profiles simultaneously on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest,Google+,图姆布雷尔Instagram等等,包括跨多个平台的调度站。

Some of the features on SocialPilot are clearly geared towards online marketing professionals,例如,在团队中或与客户共享社交媒体帐户管理的选项。然而,many of the tools are useful for promoting a blog through social media,especially for anyone with little experience of digital marketing or social media promotion.



SocialPilot offers an affordable plan aimed at bloggers and individual site owners which gives you full access to most of the core tools.您还可以免费使用该服务链接有限数量的配置文件,and you can sample all of the paid services with a 14 day no obligation free trial.



社会先导允许您在一个地方管理所有社交媒体帐户,从而节省时间和重复性,without having to log in and out of different sites.界面干净直观,使用和连接您的配置文件很简单。

socialpilot review for bloggers

The maximum allowance of 200 linked profiles is huge,所以你可以随意尝试各种不同的社交媒体账户。

Bulk posts and scheduling

主要优势社会先导给你的是,你可以做你所有的张贴和更新在多个社会媒体帐户从同一个地方。All you have to do is create the content and click on the profile you want to post to.你可以为同一个帖子选择多个目的地,which is ideal for letting followers on all of your followers know you have a new blog post,例如。只需添加到SocialPilot的链接,选择您的帐户,它将发送到所有帐户。

您还可以使用调度工具选择文章何时上线。This allows you to post in different time zones,例如,所以你的帖子对国际追随者来说是新鲜的。你可以安排发帖时间,天,weeks,几个月甚至一年前,并使用内置的日程安排日历来计划给定时间段内的策略。This means you can stockpile content and then drip feed it across your social platforms so you are regularly appearing in followers' news feeds,keeping your profile top-of-mind.


SocialPilot的报告工具使关于您的社会账户的关键统计数据易于理解。亚博体育下载The tools analyze everything on your linked accounts,不仅仅是通过SocialPilot上传的内容。选择一个帐户,设定时间框架,SocialPilot将向您展示以下内容:

  • 有多少人看过你的帖子
  • 有多少人喜欢,评论,以及你收到的股份
  • How many click throughs you've had
  • 你有多少新的追随者


如果你想以战略性的方式在社交媒体上建立一个追随者,或者如果你想让统计数据为你的博客向潜在的合作伙伴和附属机构展示价值,那么报告是有用的。It is only available for Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Helping you with content

Part of the challenge of running lots of social media accounts is keeping content fresh.SocialPilot helps by making content suggestions.选择与主题相关的类别,and SocialPilot will find content that you can comment on,share or re-post.The categories tend to be quite broad,so you have to do some work narrowing the suggestions down to your niche.你也可以向SocialPilot添加一个RSS提要,并以这种方式收集帖子的想法。


社会先导can be used for free,允许您最多链接三个社交媒体帐户。You can make up to 10 posts a day,and schedule up to 30 posts in advance.Posts cannot include video,and you only have access to community support through the SocialPilot blog and online guides.

虽然这个自由计划很有助于让人感受到社会试点,three connected social media accounts is limiting.The basic paid-for subscription aimed at bloggers and personal websites is reasonably priced,you can connect up to 10 accounts and make 50 posts per day.您也可以最多提前1000个帖子排队,这比慷慨大方多了。

SocialPilot helps by making content suggestions.

该计划还包括基本内容建议,Facebook分析,Twitter和Pinterest,and you can connect up to five RSS feeds.

另外两个付费计划的真正目标是专业网站管理员和营销机构。The limits of 100 and 200 linked accounts are only needed if social media marketing is part of your full time job,在那里你可以为多个品牌和网站运行几十个帐户。These plans also give you extra options such as bulk scheduling,多个团队成员的帐户和自定义Facebook品牌。



How do I get on?

你可以报名参加社会先导by registering with an email address,or you can use your Facebook,Twitter或LinkedIn帐户。SocialPilot can be accessed via a web browser,on mobile through native Android and iOS apps,或者,它可以作为浏览器扩展安装,让你在网上冲浪时随时可以使用SocialPilot工具。



SocialPilot首先是面向机构和内部企业营销团队的专业社交媒体营销服务,用订阅价格来反映这一点。然而,免费计划和基本订阅的可用性表明SocialPilot认识到其工具将吸引博客作者,and that it is keen to accommodate them.

socialpilot review for bloggers

基本订阅包价格合理,可以让您访问在社交媒体上推广博客所需的主要功能。虽然您的帐户仅限于10个,this is comparable with most similar services,最大日员额和预定员额是慷慨的。Access to analytics for Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest is a big bonus,如果你使用这些平台并想以一种更具战略性和科学性的方式来管理你的社交存在,那么就让SocialPilot成为理想的选择。

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