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成功的博客有很多因素,but we can all agree that search engine marketing is one of the biggest factors.

That being said,what is the best way to take advantage of search marketing?

Long tail keywords are the answer to search marketing success for blogs,and for many reasons.

  • 长尾通常不那么有竞争力
  • 长尾更具购买意向
  • There is more search volume in long tail as a whole than the popular keywords

But,even though long tail keywords are successful in search marketing,they're not always easy to find.这就是为什么我很高兴找到一个叫做hittail的工具,which helps with finding long tail keywords.


Longtail Graph

HitTail is a piece of software that you add to your website.一旦安装到您的网站上,it then analyzes all of the keywords for your incoming traffic.


HitTail also allows you to easily see all of the keywords that brought traffic to your site.This is useful for planning out groups of keywords to attack.

What's even better than all of this information,is that HitTail provides a service where they will write a 400 word article for the keyword of your choice for just $19.Although,we have not used this article writing service as of yet,我们相信这可能对你有用。

My Thoughts On希特尔

First,I will say that much of the information that HitTail gives you,除了他们根据算法提出的建议外,could be found in Google analytics.That being said,HitTail does an amazing job of presenting the most important information in an easy to digest and attractive format.I'm a sucker for beauty.

When I first signed up with HitTail,I was primarily interested in getting ideas for new articles,regardless of whether the keywords were long tail or not.我只是想看看人们是怎么搜索博客的,that way I could give them more targeted information.Hittail绝对能解决这个问题。


Hittail关键字 Usually search data is pretty secret,但我认为你有必要看到这些数据。根据这个hittail的关键词列表,这些关键词实际上给www.gyu-kura.com带来了流量。我可以写一些文章,比如:

  • The Biggest Benefits of Genesis Framework
  • 最好的WordPress托管地亚博yabo88app 下载
  • What is the Best Hosting for 亚博yabo88app 下载WordPress
  • and More.

Essentially this gives me a never ending list of topics that I can write 亚博体育下载about.非常棒,正确的?

What's even cooler than this are HitTail's suggested keywords.Hittail将其建议的关键字描述为高度过滤的目标关键字列表。That sounds cool,but what does it mean?Well,HitTail goes through all of the long tail keywords that bring traffic to your website,and then recommends the ones that are most likely to increase the traffic to your site.


我认为,Hittail是一个有效且价格合理的营销工具,至少所有博主都应该看看。还有21天的审判。And as of now,如果你在尝试他们的服务后写评论,Hittail将提供一年的免费服务。

我强烈建议你免费试用Hittail,try it for 21 days,然后写一篇评论,获得一年的免费服务!

What Do You Think?

I think希特尔是博客和其他网络营销者的一个很好的工具。它使用Hittail专有算法编译现成的信息,以提供最成功的长尾关键词想法。

What tools are you currently using right now for search marketing?Do you plan on trying out HitTail?Leave a comment below and let us know!

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